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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm Back.....wait....there's more

Hello or guten tag! greetings from our new home in Germany.  That's right...if you thought I fell off the planet...nope...just the continent :)  We are getting settled but all the boxes unpacked and my craft room is starting to take shape.  I'll be posting some new pictures soon to show you the before and after.  Meanwhile I wanted to let you know the Glitter Queens (down lines of Dawn Griffith) are hopping again.  With the time and distance I've missed the first 2 days but tune in Wednesday to check out a cute Christmas card from me and the rest of the gals.
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In the meantime here is a quick card I put together to thank a dear friend for a supper sweet gift right before we left the states ( a huge Vera Bradley purse that held enough goodies for 2 tired parents and a 4 year old to cross the Atlantic Ocean).  Next time you go to a craft store think of me----I sure miss being able to drive thru a Starbucks and pick up a pumpkin spice latte then wander aimlessly in Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

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