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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New background for a new blog

Wow this was hard and then easy.  Although not entirely what I wanted I'm happy enough with it to leave as is.
I got a link from an SU demo (thanks Amanda) to another demo's blog with a tutorial and I did ok until the last few steps.  I guess I'm not as literate in computer as I thought.  So I went to help and found a you tube video posted by blogger and then it was super easy.  I may play around with this a bit more and see if my husband can help me figure it out.  Or I may email out a few questions.  I still have buttons to add and I'm planning on taking a picture for my header but if that doesn't work out I can always put Mr. Owl up there (wink).  By the time most of you see this all the bugs will be worked out.  Now off to stamp something new!