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Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Craft Room

   So I was in a cleaning mood the other day and once my craft space was clean I decided to take some pictures of my little space.  I say little but this is by far the largest space I've had.  It isn't totally as efficient as it could be but we are renters so we must make do.  On a good day there is plenty of light but after hours not so good.  I've acquired 3 new pieces of furniture to help with storage since there aren't any closets here.  The desk was built by my wonderful husband several years ago.
The small organizer on top is from Target.  My favorite clear sets, markers and 2 bins holding miscellaneous items are in it.  On top of it is some favorite inspiration pieces.
Next is the punch rack.  Also built by my husband.  When he built it 2 years ago I had room to grow...running out of room now.  Under it is a unit that I use as a Big Shot station.  It also holds some of the larger dies, files and my a junk drawer.
The next shot is all of what is to the right of the punch rack.  I have another table for storage and extra work-space   A tall cabinet that holds some more dies and stamp sets plus some DSP/ 12 x 12 paper.
The last cabinet is 4 cubes that hold more paper and magazines.

This shelf unit (again built by my husband) is great for ribbon and extra stuff.  It normally hangs directly over my desk but in this house it's a few steps away.

Lastly I have to include a picture of my helper Burt.  Burt loves to be close at hand when I'm down in the craft room.  It's in the basement next to my laundry room so in between loads of laundry I'm usually in the craft room.  The floor has radiant heating and he loves to lay on this crib mattress.  We left the crib behind but brought the mattress for my son until our furniture arrived.  Now Burt has taken a liking to it and who can  blame him.

Oh no...I forgot one picture to dad made me a super sweet sign that I have on my door.  Oh well I'll have to include that later.
Thanks for coming by to take a look at my craft room....if you're ever in Germany stop by.

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